Fruit jelly in a watermelon crusts

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The idea from the Internet, author unknown to me, but the idea belongs to the genius! It's very simple: serve the watermelon.... watermelon!!!

Ingredients for Fruit jelly in a watermelon crusts

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruit jelly in a watermelon crusts

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To choose a watermelon how smaller. Split it in two, scrape out all the pulp (and, of course, to eat!).

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To prepare the fruit jelly (strawberry, cherry...) in the powder according to the instructions on the method of preparation. If you do not want to use jelly powder, jelly can to prepare the natural juice from the same watermelon!

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Pour the jelly in stages, each layer pour a little chocolate crumbs
to complete filling the "natural-watermelon molds".

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To put on cold after each stage before complete curing of the layers before adding the next layer.

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"Watermelon" is ready!

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Cut it into pieces and serve!

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All a pleasant appetite! Good luck!