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Sangria. Sangria, along with ham and paaia is the hallmark of Spanish cuisine, the drink, the most used in hot weather. There is nothing better in the sultry afternoon sitting on the terrace and drink a cool fragrant sangria...

Ingredients for Sangria

Step by step instruction of cooking Sangria

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Sangria is prepared on the basis of good red wine with the addition of citrus, sugar, cinnamon and mineral water. In different regions of Spain have their own recipes: add fruit (kiwi, peach), make a white sangria.
Prepare in the summer and on holidays.

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The peach peel the orange, chop the zest, cut the lemon zest and squeeze the juice

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Prepared fruit put in a jug, add the juice and zest of lemon, sugar, brandy, cinnamon,

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Pour chilled wine, wooden shovel lightly squeeze the juice from fruit, add water and leave in the fridge for 2 hours

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To store longer ready sangria is not recommended, as the juice under the influence of alcohol begins to ferment and the taste gets worse.