Paradise fish

66 - 45 минут 4 порции

Magic fish on tender vegetable the cloud will bring You unearthly pleasure! And not only during the meal, but in the cooking process. The fish is cooked in the sleeve for baking with vegetables, which makes them juicy and flavorful, and the fish is fabulously gentle and helpful. The pan and the kitchen is left completely clean! The perfect fish for good people! Help yourself!

for Lent

Ingredients for Paradise fish

Step by step instruction of cooking Paradise fish

Шаг 1

If the fish is frozen, it is necessary to defrost (not quite fully), preferably in natural conditions at room temperature for 2-3 hours or in the refrigerator overnight.

To prepare the sleeve for baking. Cut a piece with a length of 45-55 cm (depending on the amount of fish and vegetables, it is better to cut stock)

Шаг 2

On the one hand sleeve to collect an accordion and tie the attached ribbon or clip (or regular thread). To expand the sleeve with the other hand so that it was convenient to invest in it products.

Шаг 3

Peel the potatoes and onions. I have very large potatoes, so I was limited to two.
All cut into thin rings (2-3 mm wide).

Шаг 4

Put the potatoes in the sleeve, spread evenly in 1-2 coats.
On top of a little salt.

Шаг 5

The next layer put the onion, taking it apart into rings.

Шаг 6

Onion pour the frozen vegetable mixture (do not thaw!). Season with a little salt.

Шаг 7

The fish (in this case, pangasius) cut into large portions (or whatever You prefer). Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with favorite spices or a ready mix of spices for fish.

Шаг 8

Gently lay the fish on top of vegetables.

Шаг 9

To assemble the sleeve harmonica with the other hand and firmly establish.

Шаг 10

With a knife or pin to make a hole in the top of the sleeve to release excess steam.

Gently over both of the tip to shift the filled sleeve on a baking sheet.
Bake for 35-40 minutes at 180-200 degrees.

Шаг 11

Ready fish to take out together with the baking tray, allow to cool slightly.
Carefully (not to burn yourself ferry) on top to cut the package with scissors cross pattern bend region.

Шаг 12

Ready fish and vegetables to put on different halves of the same dishes.
Or portion Skeet. And immediately file on the table!
Better to spread with a spoon, being careful not to pierce the bottom of the package (at the bottom of many fish and vegetable juice), then the pan will be completely clean.
The remaining juice can be poured on top of the fish, you get even more juicy. But if You follow the figure or avoiding fatty foods, it is better not to do this, simply pour the juice.