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The cake baked to your D/R, because such a name)). Was prepared according to the recipe of delicious pie with a layer of white chocolate and pistachio from Alyona-Broody and learn a new recipe for chocolate roses from Annie-annush, LJ. In General, anyone interested, details in the recipe.

Ingredients for Cake Exclusive

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake Exclusive

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So. Bake one serving of coconut cream pie (I followed the recipe). [url=]Coconut pie (Вuttermilchschnitten)[/url]
do cakes. Again))
In a deep Cup whipping until the foam eggs (if eggs are large, enough 1 PCs., small 2 PCs.) with sugar and vanilla sugar.

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The flour with the baking powder sift, add and mix with the eggs,
gradually pour kefir or buttermilk .

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Ready to pour the batter on a greased baking tray, in the form of D=28 cm.
Coating: 1 Cup coconut shavings + 0,5 Cup of sugar
Separately in a Cup mix for dusting coconut with saharnym sand.
Sprinkle pie evenly.
Put in preheated to 200*C oven and bake for 20-35 minutes depending on the oven(check with a toothpick).
Not oven on the middle shelf, and below.

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Watering: 200 ml cream (30-38% fat), 150 g. butter oil.
The Watering can used full amount, do not cut the cake due to the cream is even more delicious - soft, tender and cake at the time, it is not necessary to soak the syrup. Boil the cream with butter

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and water across the surface on a ready-baked, still hot cake.
Left one day,well to soak.

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1.Cream of white chocolate. On the bottom layer of biscuit
source words from Alena-Broody from LJ-Ganache of white chocolate with pistachios.
250 g white chocolate, 50 ml of fat (30% or fatter) cream
50 g butter, 50 g shelled unsalted pistachios.
Chocolate breaking into small pieces. Cream bring to a boil, pour over them the chocolate mixture and continue stirring until the chocolate is melted and will not turn into a single with them a lot.

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Stir in soft butter and pistachios, ground in a blender until almost a paste, i.e. while the blender blades will start to get bogged down in a mass.
[quote] Author. Pour into dish lined with foil, a layer of about 0.7 cm to thicken, let stand in refrigerator overnight, then cut into pieces, each time putting the knife and removing it with a napkin stuck to the ganache.
You can sprinkle pistachio crumb, or combine with something else, for example, with blackcurrant ganache. And how the truffles to form and pistachio inside to hide. Or as a layer in the cake.[/quote]-what was necessary for me.

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Cut the cake into 2 parts, fully spread, grease the bottom cake pistachio cream. Also the sides. Cover with a second Korzh.

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In the top part of the biscuit - 200 g white chocolate (finely chopped), 250 ml cream, 1-1,5 (6 g) plate of gelatin. Melt the chocolate in a water bath. Soak the gelatin in cold water. Heat 100 ml cream until hot and dissolve them in the swollen gelatin. Pour hot cream to the chocolate and stir. Cool to room temperature.
Whip the remaining cream until soft peaks form. Gradually, in 3 divided doses, to enter the whipped cream into chocolate, stirring gently.

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Coat the top and sides of cake. Decorate. The top was planed chocolate, sides sprinkled with coconut shavings.

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The chocolate fondant. Roses. Loved, successful, delicious recipe. Will use for decoration of dark roses, flowers.
Source from Annie-annush,LJ.
Chocolate to break into pieces, leaves for 1 minute in the micro,done in a water bath, stir until small pieces that do not melt, the building was occupied too. Add the syrup (in my case, glucose) and stir until the paste will not depart from the walls of the bowl.
Now take mastic, come to the sink and begin to intensively knead, compress.At first, the paste becomes more crumbly and then start to secrete syrup. The syrup will drip down the sink and handles your it paramagudi. It will become quite difficult to knead it, the sealant will be dense and more viscous. Palmiotti-minute hybrids yet. Then tear off a piece, roll into a ball and flatten it. Edge will not tear, they will be smooth, even when very thin roll it in your hands.
Mastic is ready :) Throws in a cellophane package. Take as needed. Now, we the roses. To help take orange-tangerine, he will stand for roses. As roses are easy to do on the toothpick,then it need to stick to the Mandarin, so that the petals do not get crushed, than just put on the table. Take a piece of putty and roll it round. Replusive around in a circle. Wrap the tortilla around the toothpick and get the middle of the flower. Again, take the ball and make it as thin petal. Wrapped around the core and athenaem back a little giving naturalness. Same again from the opposite side, applying a little bit of petal on previous and athenaem.Get two petals opposite one another. Now superposed one on one wrap three petals.And then five. When rose a little lie down Shine will go, and leave fingerprints.
If you need the next time you make a step.roses. :-)

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Sorry :-[ for the delayed response. I want to thank SIGHHHH for the kind words, wishes, beautiful cards, who congratulated me on my birthday :-) on the forum, in PM, on the wall :-* *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE*