Prababushkin tea

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My great-grandmother was the most kind, caring and simple woman. She lived in Belarus in the small village, this tea is it we do every time we have stayed with her. As she spoke, during her childhood and youth do not have black tea "elephant" (which she cherished as a treasure for our dear guests, is of course the cost of the war, which she survived with such difficulty and fear for their young children), and they brewed this tea. I loved this tea for its aroma, taste and stories about her youth, love and war, of course, she always told me over a Cup of tea...

Ingredients for Prababushkin tea

Step by step instruction of cooking Prababushkin tea

Шаг 1

Fill the kettle with our leaves in equal proportions and take half 1 sprig of carrot

Шаг 2

Fill with boiling water

Шаг 3

And infuse

Шаг 4

How has rested, pour it into cups and drink, you can with honey.

Шаг 5

The leaves can be dry and drink this tea and winter.