Cupcake "Queen Elizabeth"

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Very juicy muffin with dried fruit and coconut.

for Easter

Ingredients for Cupcake "Queen Elizabeth"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cupcake "Queen Elizabeth"

Шаг 1

Dried fruits, slice, pour boiling wine and leave for 1-2 hours.
All the ingredients mix well. Gently add the dried fruit. Wine, in which were soaked the dried fruits, too, add to the dough.

Шаг 2

Pour the batter into the pan (it becomes quite liquid) and baking at a temperature of 180 deg. about 30-40 minutes.

Шаг 3

To prepare the coconut glaze:
mix all the ingredients in a saucepan, stir and bring to boil.

Шаг 4

Pour the prepared cake frosting. And to thicken.

Шаг 5

Here such piece turns out