Tomato juice frozen

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Offer the option of harvesting for the winter juice (with pulp) tomatoes without boiling and twist. Looked in search and, frankly, surprised that there is no such option prescription. This option will suit any owner - both aspiring and experienced. To use this juice when cooking soup, vegetable soup, stewing potatoes, in sauces.

Ingredients for Tomato juice frozen

Step by step instruction of cooking Tomato juice frozen

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There is nothing complex here. Here goes the tomatoes, which lose "marketability."
I usually make different a bit. The juice is brought to boiling + salt and rolled up in banks. But this year I decided not to do (time goes more + banks needed, and the space for them then)

So: first of all tomatoes, cut them( if needed) and them in a meat grinder or in a blender. It takes only personal time. With a strong desire with tomatoes remove the skin, but... I never do.

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Here it is already frozen packages.
Before using to defrost, preferably.
To prepare the juice at any time, i.e. at least the appearance of tomatoes "subsistence species".