Kvass from Oats !!!

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Oats regulates fat metabolism, eliminates toxins, lowers blood sugar and of course, my kvass from oats thirst quencher :) especially after training :)

Ingredients for Kvass from Oats !!!

Step by step instruction of cooking Kvass from Oats !!!

Шаг 1

we must take a Cup of oats

Шаг 2

it is good to wash

Шаг 3

pour in 3-liter jar and add the sugar

Шаг 4

mix well, cover with cold filtered water, cover it with gauze, leaving "play" for three days

Шаг 5

then water to drain, pour in new, and again to add sugar
now, after three days fermentation the kvass is ready for use
so I have "wandered "

Шаг 6


Шаг 7

the same portion of oats can be poured many times :) I already prepare a fifth 3-liter jar of kvass :)
ready kvass stored in the refrigerator !