Seafood with beans "Blues in the pocket"

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At the words "portable musical instrument" most people visualize the image of a guitar. Typically, such a worn six-string guitar with marks from sparks on the deck. And few people remember about the harmonica. This little perky noisy can fit in the back pocket of jeans. Actually, including and for this reason it has become a favorite of many Blues artists on all continents. She doesn't need anything to sound: no replacement strings or mediators or enhancers. All she needs is a man who knows how to play it. The most common harmonic — diatonic (often in the keys, La, re and do), but chromatic also occur. How to learn to play the harmonica? In the same way as on any other instrument: through work, through the constant repetition of the etudes and scales. But let's talk a little bit about the other schemes. On the agenda we have the culinary range of tastes in the Blues style.

Ingredients for Seafood with beans "Blues in the pocket"

Step by step instruction of cooking Seafood with beans "Blues in the pocket"

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The main ingredients of meals.

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Quarter-cut rings onion fry in vegetable oil until transparent.

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In a deep frying pan (which has a fitting lid) melt the knob of butter and spread slightly thawed shrimp.

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Once all of the remaining ice thawed, add teaspoon sugar, stir and continue to evaporate the liquid over very high heat.

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When the liquid evaporates, add the shrimp scallop (most likely by this time had already thawed), lightly fry and pour in the brandy.

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Carefully ignite and literally within 20 seconds, allow to burn alcohol, then simmer the flame, cover the pan with a lid.

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Add fried onions, crème fraîche, tarragon, Basil and red pepper.

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All mix thoroughly, add salt to taste, reduce fire and cook under the lid for another 10-15 minutes.

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Then add to the beans with a knob of butter and continue to cook under cover for another 5 minutes. During this time the beans will be steamed, but will remain a little crispy, which is the perfect level of its readiness for this dish.

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We serve the following manner: the bottom of the dish spread beans, placed on top of the seafood and pour cream sauce.

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Served hot with something alcoholic.