Baked ham with wild mushrooms "Cool"

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For its class at evening school friends I'd cooked the pork in the Carpathian style. My former classmates what... they are all different! 10 years, we have been United together in the same class: grew up together, studied together and taught each other, together, happy, together, participated in community work days together became Octobrists and pioneers, together, went camping together... How many cases get done together!

Ingredients for Baked ham with wild mushrooms "Cool"

Step by step instruction of cooking Baked ham with wild mushrooms "Cool"

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A piece of pork RUB with salt and pepper, to make cuts-pockets inside, season with salt and pepper.

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Sprinkle with the thyme.

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Mushrooms fry in vegetable oil, season with salt and pepper and add parsley. The liquid from the mushrooms - to Express.

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Meat stuffed with mushrooms. Leave some mushrooms for the gravy.

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To tie a strong thread

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Fry the meat in one piece in vegetable oil

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For baking we need: broth, strained when frying mushrooms, tomatoes and mushrooms

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Put roasted meat in a baking dish, added in the form of mushroom soup, tomatoes and mushrooms. Meat to cover with bacon.
Bake in the oven for about 1.5 hours, periodically basting the meat with mushroom broth.

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I wrote under the exhaust photo:

"the Last time all together.
As we were...
What will we be?.. - Show life!.."

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Thread trimmed, and meat cut in portions. Served with salted/pickled cucumbers and tomatoes.

Help yourself!