Romesco Salsa/sauce romesco sauce

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Sauce romesco sauce is the pride of the Catalan cuisine and its cultural heritage. The right to be his birthplace is disputed, two of the region of Catalonia in Sitges, and Tarragona. It was there, among the mountain slopes are covered with almond trees, and had this famous sauce. The process of making it was quite time-consuming, so it did right in large numbers, the sauce was well kept. Each family had their own family recipe, the secrets of which were passed down from generation to generation. Out of respect for tradition I made romesco sauce on an old recipe and old technology: all the ingredients have Estella in a clay mortar. Now the supermarkets sell the sauce industrial production, it has little to do with traditional romesco sauce. But if you have to dine in a nice Catalan restaurant, you will be served with meat, seafood or vegetables is a real Catalan sauce romesco sauce. Traditions die hard... Uploading this recipe, I realize that I can not find many followers. I serve it solely for informative purposes as of the history and traditions of my beloved Catalunya

Ingredients for Romesco Salsa/sauce romesco sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Romesco Salsa/sauce romesco sauce

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To prepare the sauce used products that grew in the garden, in the woods: almonds, tomatoes, garlic, dried red pepper Niort. It is an important component of many Catalan dishes, it soaked flesh has a strong taste and intense color, gives the dish a special flavor.

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On the eve in the evening the pepper soaked in water.

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And pepper appear

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With a spoon scrape the flesh of the pepper.

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Garlic and tomatoes bake in the oven at low temperature

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They should remain juicy, slightly popechenie.

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Start the sauce: in a mortar laying dried almonds, bread, salt and pounded until smooth.

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Postepenno add other ingredients: the pulp of red pepper, peeled roasted garlic and tomatoes
continue to pound until a homogeneous mass

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In powdered mixture gradually add olive oil, stirring constantly to form emulsion.

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The finished sauce should be brought to taste: add red wine vinegar, salt, spices to taste, hot pepper, dry rosemary
and leave the sauce for a few hours for ripening

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As I said, there are many differences in recipes sauce: add grilled onions, hazelnuts, pepper, dry crush together with the almonds etc it All depends on the traditions of each region, but the result is always the same: a delicious, rich sauce that makes Catalan dishes are easily recognisable.

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Ready sauce can be put in jars and store in a cool place.
It is served to the table cold and hot for all dishes: meat, fish, seafood, grilled vegetables. In February at the Catalunya do gastronomic feast "Calcotada", whose main characters are winter green onions, calshot baked on the coals, and sauce romesco sauce.
Of course, now the grinding ingredients and produce modern, the kitchen robot, the sauce is softer, but the taste is not affected.