Rolls ", Athletic, autumn"

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Autumn... "Sad it is time, eyes charm", and stomachs want warmth and comfort!!! Rolls of beef with a spicy filling of autumn and winter vegetables... Trust me, you don't have to do triple menu: for myself, husband and children all satisfied with this option!

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Ingredients for Rolls ", Athletic, autumn"

Step by step instruction of cooking Rolls ", Athletic, autumn"

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For the filling rolls:

- finely chop the onion,
- 1 salt (I had pickled) cucumber,
- capers (if any)
- squeeze the garlic

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Add the mustard and cereal

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Beef wash, dry, salt and pepper

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Dice the carrots and 1 cucumber pickles

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Lubricate spicy meat filling and put it in the middle of the carrot and cucumber pickles

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2nd option: savory stuffing, smoked meat, carrots, cucumber

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Wrap roll and fasten with skewers

Шаг 9

Fry the rolls in vegetable oil on all sides

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Add to a saucepan with water, Bay leaf and sweet pepper peas, salt to taste. Simmer under the lid closed for 40 minutes, intermittent turning rolls.

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Boil buckwheat. Serve together...

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A pleasant appetite!