Drink "Provocation" from Iggy Pop

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Today it is again - a glass of orange juice, so in any case can not tilt your head - otherwise the contents will raspisatsya... Iggy small steps approached the window, stopped at a distance. After all, it can scare even a light gust of wind. James Newell Osterberg, better known to fans of rock music as the lead singer of "The Stooges" Iggy Pop, suffered from the obsession that he is a glass of orange juice. Many years have passed, and now the 62 year old musician quietly and happily lives in his home in Miami, but the ghosts of the past in the morning, remind him of his ailment... a glass of orange juice. Sometimes the culinary range of tastes is very concise and consists of only two components.

Ingredients for Drink "Provocation" from Iggy Pop

Step by step instruction of cooking Drink "Provocation" from Iggy Pop

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Our ingredients are.

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The fruit has been thoroughly rinsed. Cut the oranges and squeeze the juice from them.

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Cut the grapefruit and squeeze the juice out of it

Шаг 4

Mix both juice

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And strain through a strainer.