Cheese and cherry dessert "A La creme brulee"

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A simple dessert of cheese and cherries with a crunchy topping of caramel taste. This fall on the "Cook" has developed for me very successfully. I see no reason not to treat yourself and you, dear Cooks, sweet.

Ingredients for Cheese and cherry dessert "A La creme brulee"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese and cherry dessert "A La creme brulee"

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In kremanki or any other dishes for dessert put layers of cream cheese and cherries. Sprinkle top of butter-bread crumbs.
Allow the dessert to cool in the fridge.

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Ate and entertained!

Bon appetit!

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First make the butter-bread crumb.
1. Sweet biscuits crush into crumbs with a blender, a grater or grinder.
2. Put in a pan with a thick bottom 30 g of sugar. Stirring the sugar with a wooden spatula, let it melt and become light brown.
3. Will smeshaem in sugar butter, and then breadcrumbs. Pour the mixture on the foil, lubricated with oil, and let cool.
4. Chop the butter-sugar mixture until the crumbs are the desired size in a mortar or in a blender.

Шаг 4

The butter-bread crumb is well-suited for topping cakes and desserts, nice crispy and has caramelly taste.
It is possible to prepare for the future and store in a closed container in a cool place for a few weeks.
From the specified quantity of products we get more crumbs than you need for dessert. The photo is an attempt to show baby close.

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After the digression continues the story of the dessert.

If cherries are frozen, let it thaw a bit. Spread the cherries in a saucepan, pour the mixture of sugar and cornstarch, bring to a boil. Allow the cherries to cool.

Шаг 6

Mix the cottage cheese and boiled condensed milk until smooth.
The amount of milk varied according to your taste for more or less sweet dessert.