Raspberry vinegar No. 2

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I have already posted the recipe for raspberry vinegar, which was made last year. He liked it so much that fruit and berry vinegars of their own making now in my kitchen are always present. I bring to Your attention another recipe for raspberry vinegar.

Ingredients for Raspberry vinegar No. 2

Step by step instruction of cooking Raspberry vinegar No. 2

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Sort through the raspberries, if necessary, washed and thoroughly dried (I did not wash, because Malina was only collected, especially raspberries wash is not recommended before harvesting), fill it in a jar or bottle, add the peppercorns and Basil. Pour vinegar.
Infuse at least 2 weeks in a dark place. I was almost 3 weeks.

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Then present the vinegar, I strained through the fine sieve.

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And poured into the bottle.

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Use this vinegar as an ingredient for salads, for marinating meat and fish. In principle, wherever used regular vinegar. In this photo fried meat, pre-marinated in raspberry vinegar.

The recipe comes from the spices. the release of "Lisa" - "Summer menu" of 2007.