Cake "Cherry love"

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This cake I baked for my men: my husband and youngest son celebrating his birthday in one day to once again tell them how I love them! And cherry love is always sweeter! In the cake base and cream soufflé on the agar. I was looking for this gelling powder from algae is many times greater than for gelatin produced qualities... Know that the present factory soufflé "pigeon milk" made on agar-agar and behold... a miracle... it started to be sold in shops and departments for bakers and confectioners (praise the market economy!). Several attempts, successful and not, and now I want to share with you some of the nuances... I also Want to say that with some skill, the cake is done in about half an hour, because souffle with agar-agar solidifies downright eyes!

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Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Cherry love"

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Bisuit I decided to make a recipe of cake "Silver label". If brief, beat butter 5 minutes, add sugar, beat for another 10 minutes. Separate eggs into whites and yolks, proteins to be postponed, and the egg yolks little by little pour in the butter-sugar mixture for another 10 minutes, until the sugar starts... the flour with the starch sift three times and add to the bulk, beat 30 seconds. Form with detachable sides vystelit parchment, sprinkle with oil, pour the batter into the form and bake at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Remove from the oven, allow to cool, without removing the cake from the mold.

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Make a souffle. The COLD water will vysypaem two teaspoons of agar-agar, stir (it will not dissolve), put the pan on the fire and bring to a boil. Constantly stirring, boil 5 minutes and add sugar, cook sugar syrup to a state of "thin-thread" 10 more minutes...

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As soon as the syrup begins be, whisk the whites (if you have one processor, it is possible and one to be managed, and if the mixer - I have to call my assistant, since the syrup need all the time to stir the agar-agar tends to stick and you have to whip the whites to a state of "rigid peaks"! Now, when white eggs were and syrup Uvarov, pour the boiling syrup into the whites, it turns out an Italian meringue...

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Whisk the cream in a magnificent mass...

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And add a creamy mass in protein... the Amount of great increases... the longer vzbivayte butter souffle, the denser it will be...

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Now quickly (souffle-then freezes!) spread the cherry jam on the sponge cake...

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Lay out all the marshmallows from the top level. Souffle in 20 minutes (especially if you bring the cold) will harden!

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Make a glaze of chocolate with a couple spoonfuls of cream: melt in the microwave, mix thoroughly and coat the top of the cake and the sides... Decorate with whipped cream, in the heart of the cream I put "drunk" cherries (left over from the cherry brandy)!

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Sorry, cut this cake to take a picture failed, so I will attach a picture of the cake I did for the birthday of his sister. There are chocolate cakes, soufflé but the same creamy...

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This cake I congratulated her with her handsome date! The cake is insanely delicious, sweet, creamy! Help yourself! Let your family know how much you love them! Bon appetit!