"Count ruins"

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The basis of cake - cakes meringue. Specially looked if there is any cake in the recipes there. But... so, Yes, the other offer their own version.

Ingredients for "Count ruins"

Step by step instruction of cooking "Count ruins"

Шаг 1

proteins whisk with sugar in a foam

Шаг 2

teaspoon lay out tortillas on a baking sheet, parchment, greased with butter or margarine. A distance of 2 cm from each other

Шаг 3

while the scones are baked 10 minutes at t 200), prepare the cream. Condensed milk eggs with the oil until smooth and add the cocoa.

Шаг 4

the first pancakes are ready (all 3)

Шаг 5

dip each tortilla in cream

Шаг 6

and fold the first layer. They do the same with all the other tortillas, stacking them slide.

Шаг 7

cake sectional