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(based on "the Count's ruins") Is long, but its preparation is quite possible to do incremental and stretch for a few days. I did a 2 day.

Ingredients for Cake

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake

Шаг 1

For crust meringue:[/u]
1. Whisk the whites. First, whisk the egg whites, then gradually add sugar and beat until stiff peaks
2. Gently domeshivat starch.
3. On parchment paper draw a circle with a diameter of 26 cm and spread the meringue.
4. Put in cold oven (cake should not rise) and turn on the oven at 100 grams. The dried cake.

Шаг 2

Cake meringue:
1. Whisk the whites with the sugar.
2. Otkryvaem on a baking tray covered with baking paper, meringues. I push just a spoon.
3. Put in the oven to crust and dry.
In my practice, I nanomachines to do that night put the whole thing on a 60 when you open the oven, the dry land all night - in the morning superprestige meringues.

Шаг 3

Sponge cake
1. Beat egg whites, gradually adding sugar (to get a stable foam).
2. In another bowl, whisk (I did it manually with a whisk) the egg yolks, baking powder and lemon juice. Mass has slightly increased (it takes literally 1-2 minutes). Add the butter.
3. Add to the yolks a little flour. Stir.
4. Add 1/3 protein mass. Gently (method "bottom up") mix.
5. Add the remaining flour and more of proteins. Again gently stir.
6. The added proteins, all quickly and gently stir and spread in the form.
7. Bake and let it cool down completely.

Prunes to soak for a couple of hours in brandy (I had day).

Chocolate cream:
-in a pan pour milk, add sugar, cocoa and cook over low heat until complete dissolution of the above products.
-Remove from heat add chocolate and butter. Mix well until dissolved - will be as liquid sour cream.

In a large bowl or pan to break the biscuit cake, add the minced prunes (pour the brandy is not necessary, add it to the chocolate cream), nuts and pour the chocolate cream. Stir until complete impregnation, so that all the biscuits were chocolate.

Cream "Charlotte"
1. Mix the egg yolks with sugar and milk.
2. Put on low heat (water bath is better) and stirring all the time bring the cream to a state of "custard".
3. Allow to cool.
4. Beat the softened butter, gradually adding sugar and vanilla custard.

-Bethany the cake thinly spread "Charlotte"
-Spread chocolate cake (it needs to be smaller than Bethany, otherwise not be able to stack the meringues)
-Again, thinly brush it with a layer of "Charlotte"
-Put the meringue as "the ruins of the Earl" slide, sticking their Sharlotta.
-Drill fill with chocolate melted in cream (ganache) and top with coarsely chopped nuts.

Insist on a cold night.