Cake for girlfriend

67 - 40 минут -

Quick cake. Juicy impregnation. A pleasant rustling of candied fruit. A gentle cream. This cake is not for storage. It should be eaten the same day...

Ingredients for Cake for girlfriend

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake for girlfriend

Шаг 1

The dough for sponge cake. Flour, sugar, eggs, soda or baking powder, vanilla sugar, vegetable oil. All is well beaten

Шаг 2

Both cake thickly spread with condensed milk - cocoa

Шаг 3

Candied pre-pour warm water ( for an hour ). Then to dry on the fabric

Шаг 4

One cake you can spread out the candied fruit. To connect biscuits slathered parties

Шаг 5

Top the cake soak the syrup from the compote and cover with beaten egg whites. While whisking, add the rum essence

Шаг 6

Stewed apricot halves (a little sweet)

Шаг 7

Garnish with apricots and bright red candied papaya.

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Шаг 9

The cake in the cut. Here you can see that soaked it liberally. Decided to put this option. Perhaps someone it will be useful.