Christmas cookies from my grandmother!

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Do not judge strictly, this is my first recipe and I'm exactly the same on the website not found. This dough recipe from my grandmother. It is very tasty and is suitable for any food, be it pies, tarts or patties) the Dough is sweet and very soft.

Ingredients for Christmas cookies from my grandmother!

Step by step instruction of cooking Christmas cookies from my grandmother!

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To start preparing the dough take 1 Cup milk and heated it to room temperature in the microwave. Then add 2 tsp yeast and 2 tsp sugar and mix well until dissolved and finally add 2 tbsp full of flour and stir. And put in a warm place until foamy cap.
Meanwhile, we knead the dough. Take sugar, eggs, milk, melted margarine, melted butter,salt, sunflower oil and mix well. Then add 1.5 cups flour and stir.Now we add our yeast mixture and stir adding flour knead the dough. In order to rise faster no need to knead it until it come off on the hands.
The finished dough cover with a towel and put in a warm place. When the dough has risen it will need to knock down. When it rises the second time put it on the table, floured and knead. Take edge of dough and presses it to the middle. So we kneaded the dough, until it is ready.
Next, the dough we divide into circles and cover them with a towel. Wait until they swell.

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When the dough is all puffy, you need to take the glass and the bottom of the glass pellet in the middle to make a recess.

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This has to happen.

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Next, cover the tray with parchment paper, or grease with sunflower oil and lay out our dough.
Further, each recess spread the filling. Curd or Apple butter.

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Grease cheesecake egg.

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And send in a pre-heated oven. Bake at 170 degrees. 15-20 minutes and our cheesecake is ready)

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Take out from the oven and cover them with a towel) so much I did it with cottage cheese...

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And so much of Apple jam + 2 pieces that are missing in the pictures (already ate)))