Chocolates "Befana"

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Daughter recently asked - do candy, make a... let's do it! But at the same time learn how to cover sweets with chocolate, understand that IT is more of mini-cakes, and we'll know who the Befana is... This recipe was posted on the website in the 2009 user svetli4 ook called "Befana" chocolates" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".

Ingredients for Chocolates "Befana"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolates "Befana"

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So, do Italian Christmas candy. Who is the Befana, will talk about below. Prunes to steam in a water bath (or steam in water and dry). Cookies I have chocolate, I thought it best combined with the prunes. The oil will get in advance, leave at room temperature, it should be soft.

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Cookies mangled...

Шаг 3

And chop in the processor until very fine crumbs.

Шаг 4

Mix with soft butter.

Шаг 5

Leave at room temperature for 20-30 minutes to biscuit soaked. Cooking equipment - sticks - skewers of fondue.

Шаг 6

In the source mass is divided into 8 parts. But confetii are just huge. Maybe it should... but we like smaller. Divided into 12 parts. And it would be necessary to 18-20.

Шаг 7

Each part is rolled into a flapjack, put in the middle of prunes.

Шаг 8

And roll the ball, trying very well to "wrap" carolinense. In the end the masses turned out a bit too much, and toppings - a little. Next time I will cut the prunes into pieces, and the masses will take less.

Шаг 9

Hardened - they can be pinned on a fork.

Шаг 10

While the balls are cooled, make the frosting. As the water bath, I decided to use baby warmer for baby food. And jars from him. The only condition is that the balls must be smaller than the size of the neck at the banks... so heated the chocolate with a spoon of cream (or milk)

Шаг 11

Dip, shake off the excess.

Шаг 12

Balls that have not got into the Bank, had spread with a spoon. 2 balls on the plate are the ones that solidified in the refrigerator. Lolly - SOH in the kitchen night. The difference is obvious. Although in the end the candy it was unnoticed. Yes, after the candy coating chocolate I left them to dry, continue had in the morning.

Шаг 13

Melt white chocolate, make a bag from a bag, cut the tip. Apply the strips. As you want to.

Шаг 14

Still going to do it with shavings and sprinkles.

Шаг 15

Heat dark chocolate. Coat top of candy and sprinkle in obmaknut.

Шаг 16

And chips.

Шаг 17

These are the chocolate brownies we have.

Шаг 18

And incision. On day 2 tastes better.

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