Rice cooked under a cover

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I am often asked how to properly cook rice, being the rice to the rice. There is one recipe for. Share them with you. The method is suitable for long and round rice.

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Ingredients for Rice cooked under a cover

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice cooked under a cover

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Put the rice in a pot and pour boiling water (1 Cup rice to 2 cups water).
Add juice and butter. On high heat bring to a boil.

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In this method of cooking, especially the rice absorbs the aroma of spices and seasonings, so in the pan you can add curry, cardamom, Bay leaf, allspice.
I added turmeric.

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Cover with a tight-fitting lid (I still press heavy mortar) and reduce the heat to low.
Boil the rice until it has absorbed all the liquid (white – 15-20 minutes, brown – up to 25 minutes).

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Remove the pan from the heat, cover with a towel and let stand for 10-15 minutes.

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Here such results in rice - rice to rice.
Whisk it with a fork and after that you can bring to the table.