Turkish raw meatballs "Chia spice"

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In Turkey, as I have written before, the meal starts with mezze. A big variety of hot or cold snacks. That's about one of these eateries dishes and today I will write. It is called Chi spice. Includes wheat grits, tomatoes, onions, spices, and...raw meat. I never thought that I'll eat. However, as they say, eat, eat and eat. It is, indeed, very tasty! Patty is wrapped in lettuce, sprinkled with lemon and send in your mouth)

Ingredients for Turkish raw meatballs "Chia spice"

Step by step instruction of cooking Turkish raw meatballs "Chia spice"

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Serve with salad leaves and lemon wedges, or salad. Eat this: on a lettuce leaf, put the meat on top of squeeze a wedge of lemon juice, close the sheet and eat!
Or just meatballs with salad! Mmmmmmmmmm! Vkusnota!