Rye kvass (white)

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It is winter and cold and want summer. And what is summer without kvass and okroshka? This brew has a sour taste and that taste from my childhood... the recipe I found on the Internet and it was called "White kvas in an old Russian".

Ingredients for Rye kvass (white)

Step by step instruction of cooking Rye kvass (white)

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Rye flour diluted with boiling water, trying to avoid lumps.
Add sugar or honey (I added honey), if desired mint leaves, currant and horseradish.
Further, the cooled mixture (up to 35 °C), add the washed raisins and ferment (instead of sourdough, you can use a crust of rye bread). The dishes cover and leave in a warm place for 1.5 days.

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Once on surface, abundant foam, the brew is ready. Strain, pour on banks or bottles (this amount of ingredients is obtained 2 liters of kvass), closed and put into the fridge. The remaining precipitate can be spent on the preparation of a new batch of kvass or bread making.
PS as a starter is used the slurry from a previous brew or cooking directly starter culture grown on rye flour and water for 5 days.