Cakes "In the colors of the Boy"

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- Hey, Kid, what are you going to buy? - Pies. - What? - With eight candles. - Well, no, I don't eat, that is, one cake and eight candles. A better way: eight cakes and one candle! (C) he was right! Many cakes are better than one! Even if they are small.

Ingredients for Cakes "In the colors of the Boy"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes "In the colors of the Boy"

Шаг 1

Our cakes will make in the colors of the website. Accordingly, yellow and green cakes and white cream and paste.
1 cake mix 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of sugar until a nice foam. Then I blurted dye immediately, working with him for the first time, overdid it. It is necessary to drip a drop... Gradually add condensed milk, half a can.

Шаг 2

Nuts milled. In cake need 4 tablespoons of flour. I added in green cake with 1 tablespoon nut INSTEAD of the 1 tbsp of flour. A total of 3 tablespoons flour and 1 nuts.

Шаг 3

Flour mixed with baking powder (0.5 tsp.), stir into the dough.

Шаг 4

Last pour 100 grams of melted and cooled butter.

Шаг 5

Close the pan with baking paper, pour and even out the dough. Is baked quickly at 180-200 for about 10 minutes. Put in the preheated oven. Removed - covered with a towel, turned, took the paper, covered with a silicone Mat, again turned.

Шаг 6

Special ring cut circles. You can just jar the tin.

Шаг 7

Similarly, cases of yellow cake.

Шаг 8


Шаг 9

Gelatin dilute in milk, heated until dissolved, but do not boil.

Шаг 10

Whisk sour cream with remaining Cup sugar (take 1 glass, 2 spoons went into the cakes)

Шаг 11

You can optionally add grated chocolate, I added crisps in chocolate. Pour in the gelatin. Refrigerate and closely watched - the cream should just start to set.

Шаг 12

Doing this kind of thing. Ring of paper. On the bottom - 1 mug cake.

Шаг 13

Cream. Again biscuit. Total we have obtained from 9 circles green and 9 yellow 6 mini cakes in 3 layers, mixed colors, 1 layer for each year. Top - also cream. Put in the refrigerator. The place needed a lot of...

Шаг 14

An hour or 3 to take out, remove the paper.

Шаг 15

In principle, you can eat. BUT I want beautiful...
Cut beautiful turret ring of smaller diameter.

Шаг 16

Roll out the fondant, cut a circle of larger diameter than the turret

Шаг 17

A piece of mastic paint in green. Nothing like?

Шаг 18

Yellow, green, white... and a little colored spots.

Шаг 19

Something like that.