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Kupaty is a special kind of raw sausages that need cooking (Wikipedia). This is a recipe from my grandmother. I remember as a child was preparing kupaty with a special ritual, and ate at breakneck speed - it was delicious. But for home production is most often missing an important ingredient - pork intestines. They have me (happy occasion) was, so I share with You this recipe.

Ingredients for Kupaty

Step by step instruction of cooking Kupaty

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The meat is cut into pieces of 1x1 cm Well, if there is a small amount of fat - fried sausages will be more juicy. Onion cut into medium cubes.

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Put all in a container, salt, add spices to taste, add vinegar, mix and leave to marinated meat.

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Prepared intestine stuffed with meat with onions. In principle, the gut is strong and in order for her to overstrain, you have to make a little effort, but still, gently advance the meat in the gut, forming sausages kupaty convenient size (I - 15 cm).

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The tips of the bathe you can drag and drop thread, but you can link together. In principle, the semi-kupaty ready. Next, you can upload them to the freezer and get it as needed, and it is possible to cook them immediately.