Garlic sauce pasta

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Very tasty sauce to the table of snacks. Before you sit down at the table, a small aperitif. And here, You have this sauce handy. Delicious. And dip it can be anything. Raw vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, radishes, etc.), chips, boiled eggs, etc. do Not worry, looking at the ingredients on the components of the sauce. I'm on a course description will tell you what and what can be replaced. Get the sauce on Russian manners. The replacement products, the taste does not deteriorate.

Ingredients for Garlic sauce pasta

Step by step instruction of cooking Garlic sauce pasta

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As I wrote, the anchovies can be replaced with a small piece of herring, and capers - salted or pickled cucumber.

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All that we crush. Or with a knife or in a food processor. There we add the already peeled garlic (garlic can be pre-just mash them with a fork).

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Add oil... start with 100 ml. All of this we whisk to mayonnaise. Gradually add rest of the oil. The whole process will take less than 5 minutes.

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At the end add vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.

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Left to chop vegetables, etc.
Bon appetit!