Fruit flower

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He sat there, sat there, looked around, and then took cheburechnoy from the table to the chair. But on the chair a long time he remained sitting-cheburechnoy again. On the floor. -Phew, what Cheburashka!-said about it the store Manager -can't sit still! So our animal learned that his name is Cheburashka... -

Ingredients for Fruit flower

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruit flower

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my fruit,peeled and seeds.

Шаг 2

All cut into cubes.Sprinkle apples and bananas with lemon juice so they do not darkened.

Шаг 3

Dressed with yogurt.

Шаг 4

On the edge draw the petals.

Шаг 5

Cheburashka will eat this salad and feeling great!