Dumplings with garlic "from little red riding hood"

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There was the girl whose mother always dressed in all red. And she went always in a red skirt and a red blouse, red socks and red shoes and even red riding hood. And therefore called it "Red riding hood". Then one day the mother says to her: - little Red riding Hood, here, I give you a jar of jam, garlic bread... the Dough is very easy, requires neither material nor physical effort.

Ingredients for Dumplings with garlic "from little red riding hood"

Step by step instruction of cooking Dumplings with garlic "from little red riding hood"

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In warm sugar water to sprinkle the yeast, stir and leave for 15 minutes to raise dough. At this time, sift flour. When the dough has risen (in the form of a cap of bubbles or foam), gradually pour the flour, add sunflower oil, garlic mashed and knead the dough. The dough should be knead until you leave air bubbles. The dough can be work in 5-7 minutes as it is mixed.

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Dough formed into dumplings the size of a walnut and fry in vegetable oil until Golden color.
Despite this simplicity, it turns out very tasty, richly, softly.

Шаг 3

Promised little Red riding Hood that will perform everything exactly as mother said, and left the house. It goes along the path and think: "Go-ka in the woods just a moment, Narva flowers for grandma".

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But only she walked into the thicket like to meet her, bad wolf. "Where are you, girl?" - he asks. And little Red riding Hood, not suspecting anything wrong, he replied, "To grandmother, she is ill and weak, I told her Goodies are".

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The wolf ran to the grandmother and swallowed her. And when he came to the house of little Red riding Hood, the wicked wolf ate her, too. And know, what would it ended, but luckily was held at that time by the house of the brave hunter. He cut open the wolf and out came little Red riding Hood, alive and unharmed, but for her grandmother. And if they have not died, simply my mom, the cunning wolves, brave hunters, curious girls live in happiness and contentment until our days...