Fish salad from the Mermaid and sweet sauce

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This is a true story or a tall tale, judge for yourself, but this story has really happened. This is a quick, easy, delicious salad with a wonderful sauce was our favorite so...

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Ingredients for Fish salad from the Mermaid and sweet sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Fish salad from the Mermaid and sweet sauce

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There once was a little MERMAID. And once you understand the little Mermaid that wants to fall in love, but not like candy and ice cream love, but really.

Шаг 2

And one day I decided Pryntsa to take the bait and go fishing, but to fish it and did not like at all. And listened he has my heart, I took the bait and went fishing and just a place where live the little Mermaid.

Шаг 3

The first time he threw the bait, come the fishing rod with hook empty, the second time he threw the bait - rod came to the Tina river,

Шаг 4

the third time he threw the bait... and I fell asleep.

Шаг 5

Awake stunned Prynts from this unprecedented, but first could not believe my eyes, Spoke little Mermaid with Pryntsa a human voice, and realized Prynts that fish gave his heart it in this place. And he suggested the Mermaid to go with him.

Шаг 6

Pulled Prynts the little Mermaid from the depths of the river... and realized that the little Mermaid to go with him can not! And carried her in his arms (and then shoulder) to the house.

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Шаг 8

Шаг 9

They loved each other at first sight

Шаг 10

And wondered what to do with him, took up thrift Prince and they decided to conserve (to taste, he looked like a sardine).

Шаг 11

A favorite dish was a salad from the tail of the little mermaid in its own juice and sauce (because they got 546 cans of canned food). The recipe which we are going to tell you.
Fish salad from the little Mermaid "LOVE STORI"
Take the cooked boiled rice or boiled potatoes (cut into cubes)

Шаг 12

Canned green peas

Шаг 13

Fresh cucumbers cut into small cubes

Шаг 14

Onions cut into cubes

Шаг 15

Select the bones from the canned "mermaid Tail in its own juice" (tuna)

Шаг 16

Mix all ingredients together, dress with mayonnaise

Шаг 17

Voila! The salad is ready!

Шаг 18

And, of course, a wonderful sweet sauce: mix All the ingredients in equal proportions ("mermaid Tail in its own juice" - tuna in oil, sour cream, mayonnaise, pepper to taste). And the sauce is ready. Very tasty, can be used for sandwiches.

Шаг 19

So here is the song fish!