Women's snack "Peach"

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"Not a girl, and peach," "Skin like a peach", "Fresh as a peach"... Familiar? In Chinese culture, peaches symbolize spring, youth, marriage, wealth, good wishes. They are considered a symbol of immortality or longevity, and the peach blossom is a symbol of a fresh young girl. But in cooking... why not do a peach! Interested? Invite! Unusual, very fast executable and instantly shadowmania appetizer with wine.

Ingredients for Women's snack "Peach"

Step by step instruction of cooking Women's snack "Peach"

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Products for snacks: canned peaches, mozzarella, bacon, and Basil.

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Fry bacon in a dry frying pan to stabilse all the fat. The bacon drain on a paper napkin.

Mozzarella cut into cubes, Basil strips.

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Drain the peaches from the liquid and lay them in an ovenproof form.


The composition of peaches contains organic acids, pectin and essential oils, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium and magnesium, vitamin C, b vitamins, E, K, PP, carotene. The peach seed contains up to 45% fatty oil, which is used in the food industry, and is also used in medicine.

Peach has healing properties:

•The pulp of peach fruit is very juicy, aromatic, refreshing, nutritious, easy to digest and enriches the body with beneficial vitamins and minerals. In this regard, the peaches is recommended to children suffering from anemia and weakened after illness people to improve appetite.

•Due to the presence of beta-carotene and pectin these fragrant fruits have an anticancer effect.

•Peaches have anti-ageing properties: they retain moisture in the skin, thereby smoothing wrinkles and eliminating sagging.

•It is proved that peach flavor improves memory, improves mood, gives strength and helps cope with depression.

•The tendency to constipation and heartburn are recommended between meals to eat 1-2 peach. Total for the day up to 5-6 peaches.

•When violations of heart rhythm and reduce the effects of stress on the body is recommended... etc., etc.


Mix the mozzarella, Basil and toasted bacon and fill the half peaches.

Send in the oven at 200*C for 15 min.

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Serve with good mood and quality wine!

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Lots of fun...