Sarma with vine leaves

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Yaprak sarmasi "Sarma with vine leaves" is One of the most popular dishes in Turkey, which can be ordered as a meze (snacks) to any cafe and restaurant. Unlike dolma, Sarma is usually very thin and served cold with lemon and olive oil. Help yourself!

Ingredients for Sarma with vine leaves

Step by step instruction of cooking Sarma with vine leaves

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To begin with, I fell in love with this dish as soon as I tried it in a Turkish restaurant. To my surprise, in every new cafe or restaurant the taste of this dish was different, so each chef has their own secret ingredients to making it. The first time I saw it my mother-in-law; it was before my wedding, and the house was about 15 people, and my mother-in-law with his sister sitting on the floor, having spread sofre (tablecloth, where the Turks eat sitting on the floor), made as thin as my little finger rolls from the leaves and rice, so quickly that I froze in amazement and watched the whole process with great interest. Moreover, they did it all in two hands without using any tools. In the end, for the hour they made about 200 of these rolls, for all guests. Honestly, I would have taken at least 4 hours and it would take a Board and spoon and a lot of things. She kindly shared with me the recipe that I use now not only for cooking Sarma, and dolma. Share them with you!
I buy ready-made sheets on the market and they are very salty, so I always soak them in water a day, changing the water several times. For Sarma, choose small size sheets and large use for dolma. From the leaves to tear off a stick, and stuffing will put on the dark side.

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Make filling: wash rice in cold water, add 4-5 tbsp of olive oil, grape sauce (if not, Oh well:)), ginger, cinnamon, mint, black pepper and salt. Often add a very small raisins and pine nuts, but I have this time not been found and they are not required, but Packed with flavour! Mix everything.

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On the sheet put 1 tsp of the filling, distribute it evenly at the edge of the leaf and wrap it tight, bending the protruding ends of the leaves inside.

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In the pan put the leaves and pour the oil.

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When all rolls are ready, but in this case it is necessary a lot of patience, put them in a frying pan or a saucepan.

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Fill with boiling water, which is pre-diluted tomato paste. Simmer under a lid until tender, about 35-40 minutes. Careful not to over-boil water if necessary, add and check for salt!

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The dish is ready, it is stuffed! But we make a snack called Sarma, so we shift finished in any deep bowl and pour the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice (50/50) and allow to cool completely. Then put in a dish in which we serve and decorate with lemon and mint, you can parsley, olives. I was served a La carte so!