Tuscan roulades or stuffed cabbage Italian

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Do you think that stuffed cabbage is a Ukrainian dish? Not at all! Roulades or rolls of cabbage familiar to all Europe! Just they are all prepared differently, with the national, so to speak, "highlight".

Ingredients for Tuscan roulades or stuffed cabbage Italian

Step by step instruction of cooking Tuscan roulades or stuffed cabbage Italian

Шаг 1

4 large leaf of Savoy cabbage and blanch for 5-6 minutes in boiling water. Drain in a sieve and rinse with cold water (to preserve color). Let the water drain...

Шаг 2

Onions and garlic cut into cubes and fry in vegetable/olive oil.

Шаг 3

Dried tomatoes, olives cut into cubes, parsley (leaves) - finely leaves.

Шаг 4

In forcemeat add the chopped dried tomatoes, olives, herbs and season it with salt, pepper, oregano. Add the cooled fried onions and garlic.

Шаг 5

Leaves of Savoy cabbage cut "white arrow". Distribute the stuffing on the sheet.

Шаг 6

Fold rolls.

Шаг 7

Sauté in vegetable/olive oil on all sides.

Шаг 8

For sauce: water (broth) mixed with cream cheese (Philadelphia), adding sweet paprika and other seasonings to taste (salt, pepper, rosemary).

Шаг 9

Pour the sauce into the cabbage and sauté on a slow fire 30 minutes.

Шаг 10

Bon appetit!

Шаг 11

Here they are - cabbage-Tuscan!