Mussels baked with Parmesan cheese

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This dish is a tried in Japanese restaurants and since I am a big fan - has learned the trade itself.

Ingredients for Mussels baked with Parmesan cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Mussels baked with Parmesan cheese

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The recipe is pretty simple and uncomplicated, although in restaurants is considered a delicacy!
To begin with, take the mussels. We or they are sold in bulk or in packs of 1 kg. can be Called in different ways - giant, kiwi, green, or halves of mussels - the essence remains the same, everything is the same.

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Prepare onions, herbs, cheese, garlic and get
out of the fridge butter long giving it softness.

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And breadcrumbs, I usually do them myself, but the fit and purchase.

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Take a sufficient number of mussels and put them under cold water to defrost - I usually pan fit 32 mussels.

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Thoroughly wash the mussels and separate the clam from the shells (to make it easier to eat).

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Onions and herbs shred with a knife, garlic press out through the press.

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Obtained mix with melted butter, blend the sunflower a little, as Parmesan are pretty salty.

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Cheese grate on a cheese grater.

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Mix the cheese with the breadcrumbs one by one.

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Put the mussels in the shells on a baking tray and grease the top with a mixture of oil, herbs and garlic.

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Put in a preheated oven to 180 degrees at a time, until melted butter, take out from the oven...

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Now sprinkle with mixture of cheese and breadcrumbs and bake it in the oven to acquire the breadcrumbs Golden-amber brown (heating temperature can be increased, because to prepare the mussels enough and 4 minutes).

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Take out of oven and put on a dish!
Bon appetit!