Baked chicken "Amazing"

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Baked chicken with jerk seasoning "Delicious." The recipe for this wonderful dish came to us from a distant island of Jamaica. Seasoning jerk refers to the cuisine of the Caribbean. It is a mixture of spices and herbs that give the end result is a unique harmony of taste. Well, Jamaica is far from us, and if the house wants to cook? Yes, there is nothing easier!!! I've been looking for this recipe. On an Internet climbed, and bought all sorts of books, and in the end my efforts were crowned with success. I found the recipe, adapted to Russian conditions. The chicken turns out just fabulous. It's hard to tell, it's need a time to prepare and try. Don't be afraid of the large number of ingredients, they are simple and accessible, that You most likely will not have to run to the store. The most important thing is to maintain the proportion and have the desire to cook something new.

Ingredients for Baked chicken "Amazing"

Step by step instruction of cooking Baked chicken "Amazing"

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First you have to gently cut the chicken.
Cut with a sharp knife two legs. Then cut the breast in half lengthwise and separate the two fillets together with chicken wings. You should get 4 pieces and the ridge. The range in the recipe is not, but I personally love bone to chew, so using them too. You can save the broth for the future.

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Each piece is cut into two parts. In the end, we should get 8 pretty pieces of chicken. This is very important to Jamaican cuisine. Everything should be chopped nicely and correctly.

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Then proceed to the Assembly of the jerk seasoning. The pictures I showed all dry seasonings. Agree, this is absolutely not a problem to buy.

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To blend the spices from the bags. Two kinds of onions, chili peppers cut finely as you can, but not the processor (very important)!
To grind the garlic. Add the lemon juice, vinegar, and oil and stir well with a spoon. Leave for 15 minutes, the products were given the juice, mixed up and calmed down.
On each piece of chicken to make two deep cuts. Jerk seasoning is good to RUB into the chicken. Put all in a bowl, tighten the film and put in the fridge for... a day! Yes, folks. It was on the day. And nothing to mix with. Let worth.
This dish is not vanity.

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Preheat the oven to 200 gr. Form to cover with paper or foil, put the chicken, there are two options: clean the chicken from spices or laying with them. With spices will be "very Jamaican". :)
I usually bake for 20 minutes at 200, then reduce to 180. Total baking time - 1 hour.

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Take out.
Put on a plate. The flavor will stand throughout the apartment is just super. The chicken turns out this "dotted with" spice, what side dish to serve something which is neutral in taste. Pita bread, organic veggies (even without butter and salt), boiled rice (without salt, sweet). And I love eating it with cabbage iceberg.

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So sit down, take your favorite cat in your hands and imagine for a moment that we are in Jamaica on the beach... splashing waves... summer all the year round... you can still remember Christopher Columbus, he landed there in 1494. And another thing interesting: there are 60 percent of the population is under 29 years of age.
So try the chicken and went to the country of eternal summer, of youth and beauty.

Good luck.
As always, your Katie-Lis.