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Oat bars

Oat bars

Biscuits, muesli bars and oat... There are energy bars, NUUUUU very tasty, WELL, VERY useful!!! Very useful in bars, eating in the morning that stay chipper all day!

Cooking time- Number of servings-

Ingredients for Oat bars

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Oat bars

Step 1

Prepare all ingredients in advance and preheat the oven to 180*.

Step 2

Mash bananas with a fork... better add there currants that are grown and gathered with his own hands under the bright summer sun, always nicer when you know that this tasty and healthy berry grown on their own.

Step 3

Mash together with currants again bananas, currant to "gave" its light, tangy taste.

Step 4

Combine banana and black currant fragrant mass of Golden liquid (the melted margarine with the honey), and gerkulesovy cereal, then mix thoroughly.

Step 5

In greased with margarine (or butter) a form to pour out the received weight, even layer, and put the dish into the preheated oven.

Step 6

After 25-30 minutes, remove and cut into small rhombs, squares, rectangles, in General, as You prefer. And a nice, wholesome meal!