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"Hippos on the swamp" sausages

"Hippos on the swamp" sausages

Children, as you know, "eat with their eyes". This dish just for them.

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Ingredients for "Hippos on the swamp" sausages

Step-by-step instruction of cooking "Hippos on the swamp" sausages

Step 1

Do "Hippo":
Sausage cut down the middle half the length. In the resulting "mouth" insert rice grain - "teeth".

Step 2

Upstairs making two holes - "nose". And of clove - "eyes".

Step 3

"Hippo" is ready!

Step 4

In the sauce add finely chopped parsley. Spread on the middle of the plate is "swamp".

Step 5

The stems of parsley and barberry do "cane". Stick in the mashed potatoes. Parsley leaves round puree is "the bushes".

Step 6

Put on "swamp" ready "Hippo".
Bon appetit your baby!