Rakott krumpli

0.7k - 40 минут 6 порции

Potatoes baked in layers with egg and Hungarian sausages. I invite everyone to taste one of the dishes of the Hungarian cuisine, and all those who simply want to eat. But of course if you are on a carbohydrate diet and eat only sprouted grains and grated carrot, then here you can not go at all. It is possible to grate the carrots, bitterly weeping about missed opportunities. Because Hungarian cuisine which is anything but dietary.

Ingredients for Rakott krumpli

Step by step instruction of cooking Rakott krumpli

Шаг 1

In this recipe the products we take a simple and get a dish with an unusual flavor and beautiful coloring. Just want to say that with the number of products you can experiment, as they say - "lover".

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Boil the potatoes in their skins and hard-boiled eggs. Clean and chop plates. In Hungary in different areas in different ways make cutting potatoes and eggs to this dish (I mean, different thickness, and then cut random slices or rubbed on the shredder or a large grater).

You can pre-boil sausage to remove excess fat, and be sure to remove them from the peel. The thickness of the slicing of ingredients can, of course, depend on your desire, if you want to do 2-3 layers - cut potatoes, eggs and sausages with a thickness of 1 cm; if you want to increase the number of layers-thinner cut, about 0.5-0.3 mm.
Spread to form a layer of potatoes, layer of sliced sausage, on top of each slice of salami - slice the eggs.