Coconut milk

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Now you don't have with regret to close the recipes that contain this ingredient. From one coconut is roughly 400 ml of milk and 150 gr of coconut flakes. For the recipe thank you La Perla, LJ

Ingredients for Coconut milk

Step by step instruction of cooking Coconut milk

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Now the most difficult. Hatchet will have a long hollow in one place, until you reach the hole.

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Then put the hatchet, pry, and the nut will split into two halves.

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Remained a mere trifle - to get the pulp and remove the outer brown crust. You can not clear, but then the milk turns out off-white color. By the way, the crust is edible and if you do not need perfect milk white or shavings, that you can not clean off.

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Can be grated "burner" or a simple knife-a peeler to make coconut crunchy (chips). But if you are going to keep them, it is necessary to dry the chips in the oven at 50-70 degrees.

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You can grate or use a food chopper. Grated shavings it turns out beautiful and smooth. If the shavings you need for decorating and baking, then toss the pieces of coconut in the grinder and not bother with the grater. The photo on the left chips - crushed using a blender, on the right float.

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The resulting flakes pour boiling water just enough to water her only slightly covered. The flakes swell, absorb water. Waiting for half an hour, and throws the weight on a thick towel. Not all of it, in small batches, so the chips could squeeze dry. Of course, a good idea at this stage to use brute masculine force (like at the stage of breaking nuts), but at this moment I have under my hand such power was not there. However, I managed successfully.

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The coconut along with the milk and the pulp went to the cooking pancakes. Here they are - http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/564 99/
In General, there are a lot of recipes use coconut milk.
Good luck!))