The Cake Is "Okay"

99 - 30 минут 6 порции

This cake I made for Birthday my daughter. My family just loved it so much that I have to cook it almost all weekend.

Ingredients for The Cake Is "Okay"

Step by step instruction of cooking The Cake Is "Okay"

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Condensed milk (200g) whip with sour cream, add eggs and beat until smooth. To repay soda and add the flour. The dough should get as thick sour cream.

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Then divide the dough into two parts, one part add cocoa and stir. Poured into different molds and bake at 180°C.

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The finished cakes allow to cool and cut them along. The stuffing can be put, can not put, according to Your desire. I put the cherry jam washed.
You should get 4 Korzh. Each cake to grease with a cream (condensed milk whipped with butter).

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Decorate to your taste! Bon Appetit!