Jellied quail eggs

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I want to offer you is not a recipe maker, and decoration ideas. On the table looks very nice and original. Still ahead of the holidays, maybe someone will be useful.

Ingredients for Jellied quail eggs

Step by step instruction of cooking Jellied quail eggs

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Now take cut the carrot slices, pepper stripes. On the carrot, you can do it (special knife) thin longitudinal brostoski in a circle, then cut the slices will look like flowers.
The greens are cut smaller.

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Take the shape (plate or whatever you have) with cling film.
Put in it eggs, carrots, pepper and parsley.
On top pour the broth, but not to the top. Leave the place for meat, a little broth and it remains the same.
Put in refrigerator for freezing.

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Unfortunately, the next step I forgot to take a picture, but I will explain.
Get frozen with a glaze and spread on top the chopped meat and pour the remaining broth so that the broth is a bit covered meat.
This photo shows that the bottom layer is the layer of meat.
Put back in refrigerator to harden.

Шаг 4

Ready turn the aspic on a dish, remove the foil and behold, the dish is ready.
You can do without plastic wrap. But I for one prefer. No need to mess with hot water.

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