Fish "usadsky"

59 - 45 минут 4 порции

The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user Еlena 110, entitled "Fish in usadsky" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".

Ingredients for Fish "usadsky"

Step by step instruction of cooking Fish "usadsky"

Шаг 1

Thaw the fish and cook for 30 minutes. (I used oil fish. Previously it boiled, only fried). With boiled fish, remove the foam.

Шаг 2

Onion cut into half rings. Pour over boiling water and pour the water. Then pour cold water, let stand onions in water for 20 minutes and drain it.

Шаг 3

Boiled fish cut into pieces and place in a container. Put the onions and pour the marinade. The marinade - the water, vinegar, salt, sugar. Pour vegetable oil and put into the refrigerator for about three hours. It is possible and more.

Шаг 4

The fish is prepared. I was served with fries, fried in olive oil and boiled vegetables.

Шаг 5

Fish pieces turned out juicy and flavorful. Bon appétit!

Шаг 6

I want to warn you, if You are not prepared previously, butterfish, then read about it on the Internet.