A bread bowl for salad

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Crispy bread bowls - a way new way to beat the classical idea of the salad with the croutons, but in this version of the salad, in fact, is inside and outside crouton. The salad can be any. After serving everyone will be able to break the top of the bread bowl, as the egg shell, and inside to discover a salad. I guarantee guests will be amazed! According to the book "the bread" of the Richard Bertin.

Ingredients for A bread bowl for salad

Step by step instruction of cooking A bread bowl for salad

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I have already posted the recipe for puff buns from this dough - very tasty. Now let us make bowls for the salad. From flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar knead the dough. This I have done my assistant - bread, leave to come for 1 hour. I did half portions.
Put the risen dough on the table, podpylenny flour.

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Divide the dough into 2 parts. Each part by hand into oblong shape.

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Wrap one side smooth the dough to the middle and seal the fold with your finger or palm edge.

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Then roll up and seal and the opposite side.

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After that the dough fold in half, you get an oblong piece of wood. Seal it on the long edge.

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Split the log with a knife into equal pieces - 10 pieces. With only two logs - 20. And make round buns.

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Each piece will slightly squash them into jelly.

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Wrap the edge to the center of the dough and press well, turning ball. Then turn the ball and roll it between your palms. Roll out each piece ball, cover with a towel and leave to rise for another 5 minutes. Check that on the working surface and the rolling pin was not sticking pieces of dry dough, if it gets into the dough, it will not give the bread bowl to rise. Sprinkle the work surface with the sifted flour.

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Roll each piece of dough with a thickness of about 1-2 mm, turning and prisypaya flour to make a flat disk. Preheat the oven to 240 deg. transfer bowls to a baking sheet (I made one), dusted with flour. Bowls in the first few minutes to swell, then become Golden. I bake about 5-7 minutes (it all depends on your oven).

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Carefully remove the bowl from the oven and cool on wire rack - they are fragile.

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The bowl is best used after 3-4 hours after baking. It is possible to store them in a tin, but not the plastic wrap will get soggy.

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For a few minutes before serving, wet brush "draw" a small circle at the base of the bowl that the crust was soft and gently with a knife cut the softened disk.

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Fill bowls with salad.

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Put on a plate with a hole down to visit on their own broke "cover" with a spoon or fork. Remember that a salad cannot be refilled, and then the bowl will get soggy. The sauce can be put separately so everyone could add it to the dish, when you break the "cover".

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