The olive-Turkish

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Traditionally in Turkey for Breakfast, along with cheese, tomatoes, greens and eggs serves olives. But do not just spread them on a plate and served in a special sauce to dip freshly baked bread and enjoy a delicious and healthy Breakfast. Try it and you!

Ingredients for The olive-Turkish

Step by step instruction of cooking The olive-Turkish

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In fact, here and no recipe. All you need to do is to have in the house the necessary products, mix them and serve on a platter for Breakfast. Here our products.

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In a small deep bowl put a spoonful of pepper paste. Of course, well, if you have homemade pasta, fragrant, tasty and no harmful additives. But if not, then try to find pasta with a pronounced smell of pepper, homogeneous in consistency and of course the most delicious!

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Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and send it to the pasta. There add olive oil. 50 ml is an estimate of the amount can more, if you want, see for yourself. Use a fork to RUB the pasta with oil and lemon juice until almost smooth consistency to the sauce appeared color.

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Add a spoon of dry oregano (can be more).