Kereset in Hungarian

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Kereset (sheep cheese with spices) in Hungarian. The first time I tried this snack in the store and not realized what it's made of... to explain in Detail how to prepare, my husband, of course, could not. Since then, she has become my regular Breakfast. And today I made it myself, and in my execution of it was even tastier. In General, I invite everyone to come to visit...

Ingredients for Kereset in Hungarian

Step by step instruction of cooking Kereset in Hungarian

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Start fast to cook interesting food.
Take sheep cheese (bryndza) or half cottage cheese and cheese, butter (I put less than that specified in the ingredients - 50 grams), mustard (I put a little more beans), paprika favorite, not spicy (or spicy to taste), cumin powder (seasoning is very important!), bunch of chives (or medium onions, grated on a fine grater), garlic, sour cream - a couple of spoons. The most important thing in this snack to have enough peppers and onions! All mixed, mash with a fork. Something pustovato somehow... - diluted quick beer or sour cream.

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Yes... forgot to say that the bread should be toasted slightly, not very greasy, or dry in a toaster. ... One smear sample for the photo, and the rest of the boutiques all of you - my dear guests... help yourself! Appetizer — just the Hungarian super, so to speak!