Summer salad "Olivier"

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My husband loves the salad "Olivier" and there is nothing you can do about it... he says it's his favorite salad... And for spring, summer, I think he's too winter. As for me, I would did it only for the New year. But that does not make for the sake of the man she loved... And then accidentally on the Internet, I stumbled on this salad... Made my husband liked...

Ingredients for Summer salad "Olivier"

Step by step instruction of cooking Summer salad "Olivier"

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Here are our ingredients.
First, boil a chicken breast, eggs and potatoes.

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Breast, cleaned from bones and finely chop.

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Then cut into small squares of potatoes.

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Pickles... the recipe source, it was recommended to use 1 cucumber. Since I have a little, I cut 2. Then he added, as it seemed a little freshness.

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Now chop the green onions finely. Add salt and dress with mayonnaise or other dressing of Your choice. I had 1/3 mayonnaise and 2/3 sour cream. And you can serve the salad!