Cakes "Like grandma"

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I was very fortunate that in my childhood was Grandma, Granny, dad's mother, Eugenia A., who lived with us. And pampered the whole family its wonderful cooking. A simple Russian woman with a difficult past - like all of her peers: revolution, war, famine and devastation. In 1942 he left a widow with two children... Worked hard all my life. Looking for recipes that are maximally similar to her meals. Of course, SO yummy not to try. This is an old recipe from a forgotten notebook. Pies as similar to those that were grilled for us grandmother's patient and wise hands. Try it! The taste of childhood!

Ingredients for Cakes "Like grandma"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes "Like grandma"

Шаг 1

From a Cup of peas, cook the pea puree. Add salt to taste.

Шаг 2

Add the remaining flour, vegetable oil and salt – knead elastic dough, let him come 1 time. It turns out great obedient! It is very pleasant to deal with :-)

Шаг 3

Coarsely grate the carrots, chop the onion, fry in vegetable oil. Mix the vegetables with the pea puree

Шаг 4

And, finally, making our patties! I sculpted the large pies, so we were fed in childhood. :-)
From this quantity of dough and filling I got 15 decent of these pies.
Fry them in hot oil on low heat under a lid until Browning.
There is one secret - the patties after frying it is mandatory to send "rest" in a separate pan with lid, and wrap the pot with a towel.
"Rested" the pies are lovely - soft, gentle, impossible to resist!