Pickled cucumbers in Hungarian

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Share the recipe with pickles... decided to cook them "in Gundel". In any case, I recall, Karoly Gundel is a famous Hungarian chef and owner of the eponymous restaurant in Budapest, and worldwide famous for its "Small Hungarian cookbook". That's it I masalila your cucumber... (in Hungarian "cleaning"... :)))

Ingredients for Pickled cucumbers in Hungarian

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I will quote the recipe Gundelia and specify their proportions.
"to Cook a 1.8 kg thick cucumber of medium size. Cut them from both sides, to try, if not taste bitter. To wash and in several places to pierce with tip of a knife. Thoroughly wash a 5-liter glass jar. In a saucepan, well cleared from fat, boil 2 liters of salted water".
I have two 1.5 liter jars, cucumbers about 2 something kg.
"In a pan without fat browned, about 150 grams of bread cut into thin slices."
Well, since the book is not specified what kind of bread, and ask me not one, I used the one that was in the house: and white, and branny... (and You can do what You want - take black, "beard"... process of fermentation will still, I guarantee...)

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"At the bottom of the jar lay 1-2 slices of toasted bread, dill, 1-2 Bay leaves, black pepper, one clove mashed garlic, then put cucumbers,