Chicken “15 minutes 8 hours”

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Absolutely stunning way of cooking chicken, in reality of which will not believe until you try. 15 minutes of time required for participation in prepare, 8 hours to chicken to cool completely in these mass bird and the used amount of water. It's not like the chicken cooked any other way. Magically delicious, magically lush and magical just. Know that the photo is not appetizing, but believe me, the recipe is worthy of preparation.

Ingredients for Chicken “15 minutes 8 hours”

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken “15 minutes 8 hours”

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The water should boil.

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Drop it in the chicken, give the chicken to boil (approximately 10 minutes on medium heat).

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Turn off, add all the flavorings in the water + 1 tbsp of salt.
Close the lid and do not disturb until the walls of the pan will be room temperature, that is, the contents of the pan to cool completely (8-10 hours).

I cooked the chicken, when there was no heat. To be safe: in water add a little table wine and cook on low heat for 20 minutes. Then turn off the fire. And then, after 15 minutes, again heated to boiling without opening the lid and leave for 5 hours. Then follow the recipe.

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Once the chicken reaches room temperature, remove, cut into portions pieces.

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Ginger cut into cubes.