Tomato and sweet pepper home

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I continue to terrorize You in your own blanks!))) Homemade tomato sauce is a great basis for cooking a variety of dishes. But if a tomato sauce with paprika? Believe me, the taste will be enriched and will become a truly Balkan!)))

Ingredients for Tomato and sweet pepper home

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As You can see from the ingredients list, the main thing in this tomato sauce - tomatoes and peppers. Of course, You can come up with your ratio of vegetables, but I used to cook that way - 3:2 (i.e. 3 parts tomato and 2 parts bell pepper). With this balance of tomato all the same remains the tomato and turns into "about Lecho.")))
And again. Of course, if desired, can be used in this kind of tomato and other vegetables and spices. But I fundamentally do not.
So, the tomatoes cut into convenient pieces, removing the stalk and "ugly". Peel and seed the pepper. Now and then, and more them in a meat grinder or use a food processor. Yaya trusted this troublesome business the ideal assistant to the blender. It turned out very fast!